Computational analysis of single-cell data and cell-type heterogeneity: the next frontier

Computational analysis of single-cell data and cell-type heterogeneity: 
the next frontier

8-9th June, 2018 Shanghai, China


Andre Levchenko

Yale University, USA

From information flow to decision making: single cell behavior in tissue morphogenesis

Andrew Teschendorff



Andy Feinberg

Johns Hopkins, USA

Entropy and the Epigenetic Landscape of Cancer

Chengran Xu

Peking-Tsinghua Center for Life Sciences, Peking University

understanding the pancreatic lineage differentiation at the single-cell level

Dominiq Gruen

Max-Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics, Freiburg, Germany

Deciphering cell fate bias in multipotent stem cells by single-cell RNA-seq/Not so sure

Fuchou Tang 

Peking University

Deciphering the gene regulation network in human early embryos at single-cell & single base resolution

Guo-Cheng Yuan

Harvard, USA

Decomposing spatially dependent and cell type specific contributions to cellular heterogeneity

Jackie Han



Jianbin Wang

A*STAR, Singapore

The comparison of high-throughput single-cell RNA-seq methods

Jinmiao Chen

University of Saarland, Germany


Joern Walter

Yale University, USA

Combined computational and experimental approaches to understand tissue composition

Joseph X Zhou

Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle, USA

Understanding cancer drug resistance from cell subpopulation dynamics revealed by temporal single-cell data

Larry Stanton

GIS, Singapore

Using single-cell gene expression profiling to identify and track subpopulations of developing human neurons

Luonan Chen

CAS-Key Lab Systems Biology, SIBS


Naihe Jing

Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, SIBS

Developmental and spatial transcriptome reveals lineage segregation of post-implantation mouse embryo

Nicholas McGranahan



Patrick Stumpf

Southampton University, UK

Decide later

Peter Kharchenko

Harvard Medical School, USA

Assessing transcriptional dynamics in single cells

Wing Hung Wong

Stanford University, USA


Woong-Yang Park

Samsung Genome Institute, Korea

Clinical utility of single cell genome analysis

Yanyi Huang

Peking University


Yvan Saeys

VIB, Belgium


Zemin Zhang

Peking University


Computational analysis of single-cell data and cell-type heterogeneity: 
the next frontier

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